Riding the Roads

The Town of Pittsburg voted to allow ATV access on some town roads.

Speed limits for ATV’s with access to Town Roads have changed.  ATV’s will now be going with the flow of traffic.   Please follow the posted speed limit on the road you are riding UNLESS posted otherwise.  Be respectful of others, enjoy the riding season and THANK A LANDOWNER!

STAY ON TRAILS.      Off trail riding is not allowed in Pittsburg without landowner permission.  ALL of Route 3 North starting at Murphy Dam is off limits to all ATV’s.    Please pay attention to signage and maps that show where you can and can’t ride.     If a trail, road or area is NOT marked or signed for ATV’s, it is CLOSED to all ATV riding.   Seeing tire marks DOES NOT mean it is open to ATV’s.    Respect the signs and laws so no trail(s) gets closed.

Trails usually open the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend.      Watch our Facebook page and website for any updates.     Snow and road conditions play a factor on whether the landowner allows us to open the trails on their land.    KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!!!!!