Our Trails

Our trails are maintained by volunteers and approved by local landowners.   We hope you enjoy your experience riding in Pittsburg.     The only allowed travel on RT 3 is from Cheesefactory Road to Murphy Dam.    ALL Route 3 North starting at Murphy Dam is off limits to all ATV’s.

Most of Great North Woods Rider’s ATV Club’s trails are located on 8,000 acres of the Perry Stream Land and Timber Co. property in Pittsburg, NH.   This property is located between Indian Stream and Perry Stream with approximately 120 miles of trails ranging from graveled roads, wooded trails and some muddy areas.   A few trails parallel Perry Stream and Indian Stream providing nice views and opportunities to do a little fishing.

Please pay attention to signage and maps that show where you can and can’t ride.  If a trail, road or area is NOT marked or signed for ATV’s, it is CLOSED to all ATV riding.   Seeing tire marks DOES NOT mean it is open to ATV’s. 

Here are some guides to help you with your experience:  Trail Riding Guide, and Road Riding Guide.

In order to ride your ATV on the trails, your machines must be registered.  Find out more about Registering your OHRV.

If you have any questions about our trails please email us at [email protected] and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.