Riding the Roads

The Selectmen of the town of Pittsburg have voted to allow additional ATV access on some town roads in Pittsburg, NH.

ATV ALERT: Speed limits for ATV's with access to Town Roads have changed.  ATV's will now be going with the flow of traffic and not on the sides of the roads.  Please follow the posted speed limit on road that you are riding on UNLESS  posted otherwise.  Be respectful of others, enjoy the riding season and THANK A LANDOWNER!

STAY ON TRAILS. Off trail riding is not allowed in Pittsburg without landowner permission. It is important to know that Route 3 is off limits to all ATV's.  Please pay attention to signage and maps that show where you can and can't ride so we don't lose our trails!

Town Roads are NOT open UNTIL they have been signed by the club ~ so ~ Please DO NOT ride on any town road until you see the ATV signs informing you that ATV travel is permissible on that road.  More town roads may open in the future. A lot depends on cooperation from all!  Failure to wait until they are signed will most likely to cause the loss of ATV access to ALL town roads, so act responsibility!
Trails open Saturday June 8, 2019 -September 30th weather permitting
•    Arthur Scott Road ~ Trail System Access ~ Beach Road
      Access to all the resorts and rentals on Back Lake ~
      Trail System Access across from the beach on Beach Road.
      Go around the gate and follow the signs to Back Lake Road
•    Back Lake Road is open
•    Sugar Camp Acres Road is open
•    Spring Road is open
•    River Road is open
•    Kingfield Road is open  
•    Access to and from Lake Francis Campground ~ Spring Road is open and connects with Philbrook Drive          and the rest of the trail system
•    Fern Drive is open
•    Cardinal Drive is open but... ~... Do not cross Rte. 3 
•    Philbrook Drive is open
•    Glenwood Drive is open
•    Hill Road ~ From the trail to Young's Store to the south end of Hill Road
•    Roger's Pond Road is open
•    Spooner Road is open
•    Day Road ~ The road is open for local ATV use from just north of Route 3 to the driveways just before          the gate at the beginning of Perry Stream Road.
•    Cheesefactory Road is open
•    Town Farm Road is open
•    Dalton Road is open
•    Downtown-  Rte 3 is open from Murphy Dam Rd to Cheesefactory Rd.  DO NOT USE THE SIDEWALK.              Ride with traffic.